Food Truck In Houston Feeds A President and All His Men And Women

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Food Truck In Houston Feeds A President and All His Men and Women


Cousins Maine Lobster, which was backed by the California-based, Shark Tank TV has become a feeding frenzy since feeding a president of the United States.

The owners of Cousins Maine Lobsters are real cousins who grew up eating lobsters in Maine. They began selling lobster rolls out of a single truck in LA and now have a fleet of trucks and an online store.


The food truck offers lobster tails, lobster rolls and even lobster quesadillas for a New England-meets-Tex-Mex fusion.

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cousins maine lobster franchise truck shrimp tacostwin lobster tails from cousins maine lobster truck whoopie pie   A” Whoopie Pie”

The food truck was started by cousins Jim Tselikis and Sabin Lomac and they received a pledge of $55,000 in January from Barbara Corcoran on “Shark Tank.” Since then, their revenue has grown to $3.5 million as of June.

Food Truck In Houston Feeds A President and All His Men and Women

A member of Bush 41’s staff and a Secret Service agent approached the truck during the monthly Tasty Tuesday food truck event, and asked if they could visit the president’s office.

Neil Werner, Houston businessman franchised and owns the Houston truck shocked but excited, packed up his truck a little early that Tuesday to accommodate their request. Werner said that the former President thoroughly enjoyed his clam chowder, a whoopie pie, a Maine Root soda and a little whoopie pie ice cream, for good measure. While his staff, assistants and members of his Secret Service detail ate through Cousins’ lobster specialties.

“He loved it. He couldn’t stop raving about it,” Werner says. “One of his aides told me it really raised his spirits because it brought Maine back home to him.”

lobster truck cousins maine lobster people on line for cousins main lobster truck


What will be the next famous food, rolling into a town near you?

I’m hungry I don’t know about you? Don’t think there are any Cousins Maine Lobster where I’m at.

So many food truck themes, so many yet to come!

Will  yours be next?


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