Fast-Casual Restaurants Are Winning the Race

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And The Winner is Fast-Casual

As the economy improves and customers become increasingly interested in convenient, quality food, the opportunities to start a fast-casual brand is growing!

They may not offer full table service but they do promise a higher quality of food with fewer frozen or processed ingredients than a fast food restaurant.

If you want to start your own restaurant, I suggest you seriously take a look at opening  fast-casual restaurant business.

If you are a chef or a cook that has worked your way up the ranks, like me I truly considered us chefs. We may be minus the degree but can hold our own amongst the culinary grads of the world and can also open our own restaurants (like I did).

When you consider the fact that the only real line between fast casual and casual dining is a wait staff, you come to understand why many fast-casual operators are starting to move their brands.

Ever since Chipotle  entered the fast casual scene with its, chic ambiance, alternative background music, and encouraging customers to create their upscale meal just the way like it, there has been an opportunity for first time restaurant owners to capture some of this success.

It’s not just all about burritos and tacos. In the last decade, we’ve seen the “Chipotle of pizza,” the “Chipotle of sushi,” the “Chipotle of Sandwiches,” and on and on.

Do you have an original food idea that can shine all the brighter than Chipotle or irresistible recipes that can attract fast-casual guests?

There is a new horizon for fast casual, a step above the phenom Chipotle has accomplished. If you can see yourself in this concept, please read on…

Welcome to Fast Casual 2.0!!!

Fast-casual restaurants were the pioneers of the dining experience, where higher-quality ingredients, enhanced hospitality, and comfortable dining rooms could mingle with lower prices and counter service.

Fast Casual 2.0 retains those qualities!

It takes those quality points to a whole other level!

They tend to be more chef-driven, with signature items crafted by a team of experienced passionate culinary entrepreneurs.

These brands often focus on an overall experience rather than just the value of what they offer; that generally includes an enhanced beverage program with beer and wine. Their ingredients are high quality, often local, usually healthy or without additives and some are not overly health conscious.

Kinds of Fast Casual 2.0

Fine-dining approach to fast-casual

~“Fine-Fast” restaurant

It’s a notch above fast casual, customers receive the freshest, finest ingredients in less than 10 minutes for around $8-$10. High-quality, fresh ingredients no masking flavors by adding fats or sodium to make it taste better. Instead, you rely on the natural intense flavors of your ingredients.

Example -Fresh to Order, or F2O

fresh food to go

Pierre Panos founder of F2O goal, was to bring a finer dining experience to the masses at fast casual prices in an elevated dining environment with delicious foods, always from scratch cooking. There are 16 plus locations in 5 states, GA, NC, SC, Fl, and TN. Franchise opportunities are available!

~“Gastro-Fast” restaurant

The means of bringing faster speed to fine dining, promising fine-dining quality food for $20 in 20 minutes. It’s a process for rushing those infused dishes to you promptly! Delivering gourmet, restaurant-quality food instantly is a major challenge but if you can pull it off you will definitely have a success on your hands for sure.

Examples-If you have the time this is an interview with a great fast gastro chef and owner of Buns & Buns in Miami.

Fast Casual Nation: Buns & Buns Redefines Fast Casual

chef at bun buns

Join the fast-casual race today and be in the winner’s circle!

Let us help you reach the finish line contact us right NOW!







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