Fairy Tales Can come True It Can Happen To You If You’re Young And You Own The Filthy Cow

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The Filthy Cow Burger Joint


filthy cow logo


Fairy Tales Can come True It Can Happen To You If You’re Young, And You Own The Filthy Cow

Young entrepreneur Jordan Gallimore, 23, is the woman behind the tail of this restaurant!

I can’t imagine opening my first restaurant at the age of 23.

I had just turned 28 when I opened my first restaurant five years older than her, and a lot of people thought I was too young to make such an investment and commitment. I can only imagine the reactions and opinions Jordan was dealing with.

I was 34 when I opened my catering business, more experienced but never the less I was just as scared and excited as I was when I was 28.

It appears Jordan Gillimore regardless of her age had enough in her arsenal to be able to find silent partners to invest and convince them that they could roll the concept out across the country.

Like Jordan I was able to convince someone to take a chance on me, my sister became my silent partner at my first business.

It does help when you’re prepared, have your concept, and a mission clearly defined. 


“It’s a bit of fun; it’s supposed to make people laugh, and it’s supposed to be memorable. To be honest, when I first came up with the name I did think how am I going to tell my grandma? But I hope it won’t put people off; it’s supposed to be a bit of fun, and it gets people talking. Gallimore says of the Filthy Cow name

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As you can see, age doesn’t have to stop you from becoming a success in the food industry!

I know Jordan had some help along the way; you don’t get this far with out the guidance of experienced people giving you insight necessary to take a concept, theme, and menu to such a strong level.

But the fact remains SHE had the Drive & Passion to be a Restaurant Business Owner… I give her an enormous amount of respect for following through and completing a plan and making it materialize…



filthy cow tables

The Filthy Cow Theme has a lot to get grazed about!

There are two levels, and there is seating for 70.  Booths have corrugated iron features reclaimed from a pig pen.

Booths have names such as –  Dirty Daisy, Filthy Fred, Naughty Nigel and Sexy Susie.

Jordon said-“I’m a big believer in simplicity, with the best food it’s all about keeping it simple.” 

The menu is based around four burgers – a classic beef burger, a cheeseburger, the beast (a beef burger with Red Leicester cheese and crispy pancetta bacon) and a vegetarian burger of grilled halloumi and mushrooms.


filthy burger

Jordan keeps her burgers in the hands of her fans all throughout the business day, enticing them with specials-

 Her About On Facebook States:“Proudly serving obsessively made, high-quality burgers, delicious drinks, and shakes. A lively, casual-dining destination for genuine burger lovers.”

Obsessiveness is what I would say is one of her strengths that helped drive this young entrepreneur to her goal of opening a burger restaurant in the first place.

You don’t see this kind of business suaveness from a 20 something every day!

filthy cow serves shakes

Jordan is making her dreams come true, and she’s doing it her way yes her way, making her dreams come true. There’s  a feeling of nostalgia when it comes to serving burgers and shakes. For Jordan, it seems as though she’s a bit of an old soul, from an entrepreneur stand point. At the ripe young age of 23, she has successfully completed the old school recipe for serving up “The Best Burger” in town…


Ray Kroc (“The Main Man” ) would be very proud of Jordan!

Don’t think the word Filthy or Cow would have been his choice for a business name but he definitely would have approved her choice of selling burgers for a living!


ray kroc McDonald founder

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