Extra Extra No TV’s, Just Pizza Ovens, Dough Presses, Beer Taps & Tunes At This Pizza Place

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Extra Extra No TV’s, Just Pizza Ovens, Dough Presses, Beer Taps & Tunes At This Pizza Place


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Its Unusual Theme Is What Helps Differentiate It!

A 1920’s newsy theme and a fast casual build-your-own-PIZZA PIE. And lets not forget BEER, making headlines at a casual dining restaurant near you.

Two seemingly unrelated concepts pizza and newspapers merged to create a successful brand experience.

Pizza Press gives off feelings of timelessness, yet modern at the same time.

Owner and former international businessperson Dara Maleki has found success in an odd pairing that ultimately defined its brand and attracted a customer base of locals and tourists.

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The restaurant started its dough presses and pizza ovens in 2012, since then it’s rapidly expanded to franchising.

Dara Maleki founder of pizza press

Founder businessperson Dara Maleki took on the tough challenge of catering to tourists in the Anaheim, California area when he launched his first store nearly three years ago.

How did a millennial become such a success?

Dara’s entrepreneurial spirit and insisting on building, “something that had a heart” contributed to the success of Pizza Press.

Some of Dara’s background is working in printing. He felt bringing it to the turn of the century to create a “simpler times” brand would bring a personalized connection.

“When people come in, I want them to wonder if Pizza Press is corporate-owned or a franchise because it runs so seamlessly. I want guests to see that customer service standards are there, and that it is about the experience.” Founder Dara Maleki

To match their theme, their locations have a very restoration hardware feel with dark wood, brass, and an industrial sheik kind of décor to give it a timeless feel.

pizza press menu holder

Check out the recycled newspaper distribution bin used for their to-go menu holder.

Extra Extra No TV’s Just Pizza Ovens, Dough Presses, Beer Taps & Tunes At This Pizza Place…

There are no TVs in their restaurants! “It’s nice to be able to enjoy a meal and not have our eyes hopping from TV to TV,” Dara said. They play some great music instead to create the atmosphere.

Concept, Theme and Menu

Now I’m going to point out the importance as always that the CONCEPT is defined it’s a Pizza Place.

A 1920’s newspaper THEME is clearly established!

Playing off the newsy theme gives the MENU an opportunity to complete the back bone of every restaurant.

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Pizzas are named after regional newspapers!

The Tribune in Chicago with Chicago-style pizza, Italian flavored sauces, pepperoni, Kalamata olives, and other robust flavors.

The Chronicle, a tribute to San Francisco, is olive oil based with goat cheese, basil, mushrooms, roasted garlic and pesto sauce drizzled on top.

pizza press menu


Building a  solid customer base for a single location and becoming a franchise within a three-year period in such a competitive industry and in a state such as California, you have to give Dara credit in more ways then one.

“I learned a lot in the first years through restaurant touring and success by using marketing tools like Facebook and Groupon and how those things are crucial to building up a customer base. But people kept asking if Pizza Press was a franchise and that demand was what pushed us.” founder Dara Maleki

I truly love stories like this!  It makes it possible, believable  and attainable for anyone to find success in the food industry…with the right spirit, knowledge and true desire to make people happy.

Dara took a popular concept a “PIZZA PLACE” and turned it into a success against all the odds you face in this industry, competitive markets, a high fatality rates and starting in a expensive state such as California.

pizza-press founder

He understands several components and factors that need to be in place in order to become successful, one of them many restaurant owners NEED to comprehend, and if he’s getting it at his age no reason why owners with years of experience shouldn’t get it.

“When you start offering opportunities is when you can truly start growing; that is my core belief, and that’s how I went from one to two to the next five stores we’re looking at opening. Offer opportunities to the person-mopping floors, to the person making pizza and constantly share your vision.

The more you do this, the more people will join your team and buy into your organization. This is necessary, especially with millenniums. Everyone wants to be included and be a part of team. You should give your knowledge away free. It costs you nothing, and it only helps others.” founder Dara Maleki

pizza press pzza person

“All stores and all locations come in different shapes and sizes but we want to make sure that every Pizza Press franchise is customized to that area. Just as much as our pizzas are customized, the store experience is too,” founder Dara Maleki.

His secret to success is not really a secret and it’s nothing new.

Many business owners, restaurant or other industry’s for that matter seem to be missing essential human emotions needed for a business and it’s staff to become successful.  

pizza press employees

Dara attributes the success of The Pizza Press to his thrive for business and inspiring others to reach greatness as well as creating a team environment and genuinely caring about fellow employees.

The Headline Reads…

extra extra pizza press

THE PIZZA PRESS experience delivers delicious new creations, old classics, and the rare chance to create your very own pizza—prepared right in front of you! Families will marvel at our modern twist on the Roaring Twenties decor, complete with quirky newspapers from yesteryear. Whether you’re on the go, ordering in, or stopping by, discover how The Pizza Press is revolutionizing America’s favorite food.


Hope this inspires you take your dream out of the thinking oven and into the hands of foodies waiting for the next big thing.

Extra Extra No TV’s Just Pizza Ovens, Dough Presses, Beer Taps & Tunes At This Pizza Place…


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