Exposing Their Buns Isn’t The Only Thing Bringing Business Into Chili’s Restaurants!

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“Food is the second most photographed thing, after yourself,” Wyman Roberts, chief executive officer of Chili’s parent company Brinker International Inc.

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Chili’s Grill & Bar is spending $750,000 a year to make their burger buns and other food look better in Instagram photos.


Chili’s encourages people to Tag your favorite Chili’s menu items and moments on Instagram with #Chilis” and many guests do so.


chili's tag line

Exposing Their Buns Isn’t The Only Thing Bringing Business Into Chili’s Restaurants!

Take their NEW tag lines for instance!



Chips, salsa and pickles are all made in-house and they have added a table-side prepared guacamole right in front of your eyes, to your specifications.​

We are definitely seeing a trend of made in-house again, the desire for those home-made signature menu items are baaaack. Our  busy life styles have forced us to eat at restaurants that are fast and quick.

We haven’t been questioning if our food is made in-house or coming in prepared,  being re-heated in micro-waves, plated and brought to our tables, by a server as fast as the speed of sound.

Who cares if there is no culinary “food network like person” making our entrée’s, soups or  salad dressing from scratch.

Well not any more, those so-called millennial, GMO fighters, eat organic rebels and 60 is the new 40, to name a few concerned patrons are wanting less additives and more TLC put into the foods we are eating at restaurants.

We still want it as quickly as possible but make it healthier please…

Power in numbers!

You walk through the doors, you smell it, you feel it at Chili’s, there’s always something new going on to their  menu and improving the way they service their guests.



Chili’s attention to casual dining guests is what has kept them in the game for 40 successful years, celebrating this major anniversary in March of 2015!






“I want my baby back, baby back, baby back…”,- Jingle

The company was founded by Larry Levine in Texas in 1975 and is currently owned and operated by Brinker International.

They have been recognized as one of the “World’s Most Admired Food Services Companies” in the hospitality industry by Fortune Magazine.

What can you expect when you dine at Chili’s?

chili's menu items

Hear Chief Operating Officer, Kelli Valade, talk about our commitments to team culture and fresh food.



You’ve got to take care of your customer!

You’ve got to stand out among the intense competition!

Chili’s serves American food influenced by Tex-Mex cuisine.

They have mastered the Casual Dining Concept, succeeded at creating a well designed Tex Mex Theme inside and outside their restaurant and prove it with their food and beverage Menu…The complete package no wonder they’ve been around for 40 years…

magaritaimg_1029-0chili's tables

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