Every Restaurant Faces Intense Competition Find You’re “A” Game Face NOW

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If you want to make your mark and become successful, you GOT TO STAND OUT from the pack.

Every Restaurant Faces Intense Competition Find You’re “A” Game Face NOW

How well can you set your restaurant apart from the competition?

Restaurants must find a way to distinguish themselves in some form or fashion if they hope to attain any memorability and return customers.

Find Your “A” Game Face NOW

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Being Different Than Every Other Restaurant Can Be Done In A Number Of Ways.

~ First and for most you must know your competition!

To differentiate your restaurant from others, you need to be very familiar with your competition.

Follow what your competitors are doing by staying connected to their brand on social media and making visits to their restaurant.

~ Get your restaurant behind something novel!

Create a unique dining experience for your guests.

Make every visit to your restaurant unique and memorable.

Let your individuality shine and be unique people are attracted to this.

Give customers reasons to return to your restaurant by offering them a unique and memorable dining experience that they won’t get somewhere else.

If you want to build loyalty and increasing sales, it’s essential that you make your customers experience unique.

~ Attentive service and a welcoming atmosphere!

Personalized service and simple actions of gratitude will go a long way to make your guests feel special and create a lasting impression.

A special offer emailed to them to come in and celebrate their birthday or special occasion. Personally visit their table to see how they are doing whenever they come in. Your guests will remember and appreciate the small gestures that show that you care about them.

Entertain your customers!

Interactive games, live events and music for bars and restaurants can liven up the crowd and keep your customers entertained longer.

Highlighting local bands and musicians, shows you’re part of your community and neighborhood, a sense of belonging is great for your reputation.

Give your customers a chance to grab some spotlight. A weekly karaoke or open mic night can draw customers back repeatedly.

Check-out Buzztime BEOND– for creative interactive games available.

Reward your loyal customers with new and fun events and you will also attract new customers and new customers mean more sales!

Create signature items that shine!

I have to say this is one of my favorite ways of setting a restaurant apart from the competition. Get known for popular signature menu items. When you find that secret recipe no other restaurant offers you take the competition out of the loop, there is no competition.

Don’t get complacent you’re in an industry that is trendy!

One thing you can’t ignore is the changing lifestyles of Americans.

Remember it’s not always the first mover who winds up “owning” all the action; another player who enters the market later and takes advantage of the mistakes often rises to the top.

Keep your eyes and ears open to trends, do some experimenting, watch what your competition is doing and when the time is right enter the ring. Don’t wait too long you don’t want to be left behind…

Last But Not Least Focus On Value!

Today’s consumers demand more value than ever before.

But remember value goes beyond just price.

In fact, according to Technomic’s Value & Pricing Consumer Trend Report published in 2013, 48 percent of consumers say they would likely pay more for food and beverage items that are “fresh.” 37 percent would do the same for “premium” food and drinks.

Finding that secret recipe that makes your restaurant stand out from the crowd is an art and a science.

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