End The Feast & Famine Cycle Of Your Restaurant Business

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feast and famine restaurant business

End The Feast & Famine Cycle Of Your Restaurant Business

The key to ending the feast and famine cycle is to continue building your restaurants reputation and customer base.

You have to ensure that you feed your customers with a constant flow of new and trendy ideas so your selections never dry up. The more in tune, you stay with your industry, the lower the risk of losing your customers.

Stay pro-active and add to your menu, décor and marketing, to keep your presence in front of your patrons at all times.


  1. What’s already working?

How did you find your current or past customers?

Look at all of your current and past customers and review how you found them.

Review any activities that worked for you previously, has anything changed, have you stopped doing something?  Can you make that work for you again?

  1. What can you start today?

Don’t pick things that will take a long of time to get started.

If you’re already in famine you need to get things happening quickly, don’t wait two months to get your menus redone, website redesigned, fire a dead beat employee, or to go on a course about how to use facebook for business.

menu special  board Dinner_special Boardbattered fish dish

Focus on things you can start today, try new daily specials, new cocktail offerings when you have ideas you can easily put into action you can review the results quickly and decide to continue what’s working or not.

cocktail specials cocktail specials

  1. What do you enjoy?

It’s no good having something that you don’t enjoy doing, in the restaurant, you’ll put off doing it and hate every moment of it. That isn’t the best way to build your sales.

Focus on marketing activities that you are willing to commit to 100%, that you’ll be motivated to spend enough time on to get results.

Don’t Copy Your Competitorsspecials_board

Take notice I didn’t say “look at what your competitors are doing”.

It doesn’t matter what your competitors are doing –try a mix of new ideas that you and your staff suggest and will enjoy.

If you are stuck and can’t get out of the FAMINE Cycle.

Get Help from Start Your Restaurant Business –We can be that force of energy you need to get you back in the FEASTING Cycle.

Another set of experienced eyes seeing things you have missed, being overwhelmed in a FAMINE Cycle.

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