Dugg Burgers & Fast Casual Team Up To Race To The Finish Line

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digg burger front

Dugg Burgers & Fast Casual Team Up To Race To The Finish Line


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Competition for the best burger is fierceduggburgermenu.0.0. If you’re going to join the race for the best burger you better have a powerful engine of ideas revving up your imagination.

Three of the four founders of Dugg Burgers have had careers in restaurants, with experience at Taco Bell, Church’s Chicken and Taco Bueno on the corporate side. So you could say they have enough experience between them.

BUT if you’re going to sell burgers, experience isn’t going to cut the mustard, ketchup or pickle. You have to come up with something different to set yourself apart from the dozens of other burger slingers out there.

That is exactly what this pit bun digging crew did!

They hollow out the inside of their tasty buns to make room for toppings that are waiting to be invited into the winner’s circle.

hollow out tool

The top bun is placed on a magnetic cooking dome to caramelize the inside of the bun.  The buns come from local bakery Village Baking Co.

inside bun toaster



dugg burger hollowed out

Making more money with less dough from their buns…(Fewer carbs per bun is  a bonus.)

 Dugg Burgers & Fast Casual Team Up To Race To The Finish Line



The partners feel they can take the burger concept to just about any market and find success, not only because of the burger’s popularity, but also because of their focus on efficiency and speed.

The small menu ensures customers will get their orders on the grill immediately.

“There are so many great burger competitors out there, but the one thing that’s been missing from this better-burger category is someone who can really do it with speed,” he says. “Speed is so important for so many customers.” – One of the founders, Scott Spence. Spence has previously held senior marketing positions at Taco Bell and Church’s Chicken.

Fast, convenient and not too messy can make for a quick lunch before having to get back to work or a fast dinner at Dugg Burgers before a movie or concert.

Letting people choose their toppings as they move down a line is becoming common practice and happily accepted in the fast casual dining scene. Making a space for the toppings allows customers to easily eat, and it keeps things moving for customers.

I think they should come up with a Pac-Man burger, they kind of look like a pack man with how the bun seems to eat up the toppings, allowing the burger to escape from being overtaken.

dugg burger.JPG pac man


The only dessert item is a bread pudding made from the buns’ carvings. The bread pudding is made from a 50-year-old recipe from co-founder Martin Hennessy’s mom.

It reminds me when I made bread pudding in my catering kitchen. We even came up with a chocolate bread pudding recipe to die for along with the traditional. Recycling never tasted so good!

Their burger is made with a 75/25 chuck blend, the patties are of medium thickness, juicy and not packed too tightly; fries are of the crispy shoestring variety.

There are a half-dozen or so canned and bottled beers offered, all local selections from Revolver Brewing and Four Corners.

Simple menu, burgers, a bun with a hole, and fixins tucked inside!

Never seems to get old this burger business.


dugg burger menu selections

 Looks like Burgers and Fast Casual Dining are going to be running this race indefinitely!













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