Does Anybody Really Know How Much Time It Takes To Start a Restaurant?

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does any body know what time it takes


Does Anybody Really Know How Much Time It Takes To Start a Restaurant?

Obviously investing money into a restaurant is necessity! However, do you realize how much of your time you have to invest?  So make sure that starting a restaurant is your passion, not just a business venture you hope will make money.

If you want to start a restaurant more than anything else in life, and are able to accept the endless time and sacrifice’s you will have to make you are starting off with a great mind set.

Besides making the commitment and accepting the sacrifices, most first time owners are anxious and want to see their dream materialize as quickly as possible.  I’m sorry but I don’t  have an exact answer or time line for opening your business. There are way too many variables and scenario’s that are out of a business owners hands. You can’t put that kind of pressure upon yourself.

What I can offer is advice from my own experience since I’ve opened several.

Factors That Can Determine Your Restaurants Opening Time Line

->A Strategy

Knowing what to consider before opening your restaurant can help you save time and give you the best chance of earning a profit and running a successful restaurant. A restaurant requires careful planning. You must go through several steps to get your restaurant setup properly. Before opening your restaurant, you need to know what is required to start and operate a successful one.

A business plan is often the best place to began a successful strategy. Not only can it be used to find investors, it is a road map that can guide and direct you t a successful opening day. Here is a great site to assist you with the right business plan for your restaurant.

->A Strong Work Ethic 

Possessing a dedication to give it your all every day. You’ll be dealing with many different situations before your doors open, how you deal with them can either suck up your time or keep you strong and on track.  A good work ethic can produce quality decision-making, save you a lot of time in the start up process, as well as running your business on a daily basis. Business owners who possess a good work ethic are often highly productive. They get large amounts of work done more quickly than others who lack work ethics.


->Sense of Responsibility

Responsibility goes hand in hand with a good work ethic. If you have a good work ethic, you value punctuality. You are dependable, and showing this as you schedule and make appointments with other professionals, will most of the time, make them also dependable because you’re keeping your word consistently. A good working re-pore with those that directly affect the progress of your start-up will help you accomplish a reasonable opening time line.


->Skills & Strengths

Directing your skills and true strengths, to what you do best when opening your business will not only save time save time but also save you money!

What are you good at?

Napoleon Hill once wrote that the key to success is for you to “find out what you really love to do, and then find a way to make a good living doing it.”

We are all born with a specific set of talents, skills, weaknesses, and strengths.

One of the most important things you can do in your life if your going to start your own business, is to identify them. Don’t go against nature, instead, recognize your natural skills and make them benefit you. They will lead you to doing what you love!

Importantly you can assign task confidently that must be done to open your business to those who can do it better than you.

After years of restaurant experience, I’ve created a strength assessment to help first time restaurant entrepreneurs find their true strengths and skills. This assessment is a comprehensive self-analysis on the topic of finding, evaluating and validating the strengths you can bring to your restaurant business, as you’re opening it and as you continue to steer to success.

Please click on the picture below and take the assessment.

strengthassement for blog

Does Anybody Really Know How Much Time It Takes To Start a Restaurant?

Only time will tell!!!

If your interested in finding out more on starting your restaurant and saving time please check out my E Book series that will be released in 2015. The series contains valuable information and the 3 step process I used to start, run and sell my restaurant and catering businesses.



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