Dining On A 60 Foot Ferris Wheel In Minneapolis?

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Betty Danger's Country club ferris wheel

Dining On A 60 Foot Ferris Wheel In Minneapolis?

Not too long this sort of concept would have been considered unusual.

However today’s restaurants have never been more exciting!

I recently heard about the opening of a  Betty Danger’s Country Club in Minneapolis, which has installed a 60-foot high Ferris wheel to allow diners to enjoy a meal while taking in panoramic views of the city.

It grabbed my attention for two reasons-first you should know by now I’m crazy about themes and the potential they have in creating a success in the food industry.

Second I’m a Big Time Ferris Wheel Fan, it’s my favorite ride of all! So when I read about Betty Danger’s Country Club I was double excited!

A Theme and a Ferris Wheel, how can they not draw an audience?

betty danger dining area

The fact that it became a theme illustrates the extent to which operators are willing to go in order to stand out from the crowd.

“The “country club on crack” is the latest venture by Leslie Bock, owner of Psycho Suzi’s, Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den and Saint Sabrina’s tattoo parlor. The new eatery at 2501 Marshall Street NE offers Mexican-American food, an enormous pink “vertical patio” (ferris wheel), mini golf and a riotous mishmash of WASPy decor.” Clare Kennedy-Staff reporter-Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal

betty DANGER country club


To find out more about the menu and information on their hours click on Betty!


betty danger country club logo

Today there is almost every theme you can imagine to appeal to a wide array of diners.

Robot Restaurant in China has a team of — you guessed it — robot waiters.

Al Mahara in the Burj Al Arab in Dubai has a floor-to-ceiling aquarium, allowing diners to enjoy their meal “under water” surrounded by a variety of marine life.

Greenhouse Restaurant in Amsterdam- De Kas restaurant in Amsterdam, Netherlands is located in a greenhouse, where they grow their own vegetables.

green house restuarant


There is so much growth and potential revenue to tap into, it is easy to understand why restaurant owners are looking at creative ways to generate interest and attract customers.

There will always be a place for white tablecloths, silver cutlery and crystal glasses, but with so many outrageous creative ideas emerging, there is no saying what could be the next theme to emerge.


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