Did You know Wendy’s Second Largest Franchise Owner in the World, Junior Bridgeman Was Part of a Trade That Sent Kareem Abdul-Jabbar from the Bucks to the Lakers in 1975.

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junior bridgeman holding a wendy's cup

Mr. Bridgeman is the President and CEO of Bridgeman Foods Inc.

Junior Bridgeman turned his culinary dream into a culinary dream team, currently his company owns and operates over 160 Wendy’s restaurant franchises across the country, over 118 Chili’s restaurants, 21 Fazoli’s, 11 Perkins and 5  Mark Feed Stores.

He has over 11,000 employees and annual revenues in excess of $500 million. 

He is ranked #3 on the Restaurant Finance Monitor’s Top 200 franchisee-owned companies.

If you’re thinking about investing in a franchise there are many people just like you wondering what is the right one for me. All I can say is think about what franchises you love to eat at and why and start there.

Knowing what food establishments get “your crave on” is the best place to begin. 

That is what inspired Junior Bridgman! Look at his stats!

Did you know Wendy’s second largest franchise owner in the world, Junior Bridgeman was part of a trade that sent


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (yes I said  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar)from the Bucks to the Lakers in 1975.

junior as buck

He had a 12-year NBA career, spent mostly with the Bucks, and although he was a sixth man for most of his career he scored 11,517 total points, averaged double figures in scoring for nine consecutive seasons. He played in 711 games for the Bucks, the most in franchise history till today and started only 105 times.

Now he’s the # 1 man at Bridgeman Foods Inc.


junior bridgeman Entrepreneur and NBA start

His jersey was retired by the Bucks franchise in 1988.


During his NBA career players didn’t have multi-million dollar NBA player contracts.

Most of the players that made a lot of money received fortunes from endorsement deals.

In 1985 Bridgeman’s peak salary was $350,000 during the time he played for the Clippers.

During the off seasons, Bridgeman started to plan for his future by learning the Wendy’s franchise business. Smart move off the court!

He spent a lot of his time working at a local Wendy’s to learn the true culture of the company. The best thing about a franchise is you get a coaching staff to guide through every process. This prevents a multitude of mistakes that can put your investment down the tubes very quickly.

He could have picked many different avenues to invest in but he chose the food industry!

What a great decision he made and what a future he has built for himself and his family.

Start researching here is a book and place to start your journey!

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