Cherry Picking A Family Friendly Restaurant

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The Denver restaurant Cherry Cricket is always packed and very popular.

It’s a family establishment in Cherry Creek North.

They’ve Been Serving Burgers & Brews Since 1945!

cherry cricketcherry cricket dining room

Cherry Cricket is one of those rare restaurants that makes EVERYONE happy!

Assorted cold brews on tap, burgers smothered with yummy toppings, tasty fries and bottomless Cokes what else can you ask for on a family night out!

Cherry Picking A Family Friendly Restaurant

Check out those green chile cheese fries  for starters!

Cherry Cricket - Denver, CO, United States. The best green chille cheese fries  


The Morganator’ 2 CB patties, 2 eggs OE, corned beef, bacon, cream cheese, jalapeños, green chili, and red onion.





In this current climate, restaurants have to make us want to go there, whether for a quick-lunch, dinner with family, friends or a special occasion meal.

What makes a Family Friendly Restaurant successful?

It can be hard for parents to find restaurants that accommodate their kids, so if your restaurant is ready and willing to handle them, you’ll have one up on the competition.

It’s obvious Cherry Cricket’s has found the recipe and have been serving generations of customers because of it!

They’ve been a long-running icon with build-your-own burgers, among other American staples and have a large beer selection.

Here’s a breakdown of their menu. 

cherry cricket menu

circket menu

Can you Say burger Toppings!

crickets burger toppins


Here’s what customer comment from ZOMATO previously urbanspoon: “I hope this place always keeps its ‘homey, comfortable feel. You can roll in wearing jeans and a scrubby t-shirt in upscale Cherry Creek, and it’s pretty much the only place in the neighborhood you feel comfortable doing that.”

Aaron Sanchez of the Food Network called it “the home of his favorite burger.”

If you’re planning on starting a restaurant that is family friendly you have to make everyone Happy & Satisfied.

Going out for dinner can be an ordeal for families.

If you can make it easier on them by following these tips, you’ll have a great chance of being their go-to restaurant!

Tips To Make Your Restaurant Family Friendly


  1. GIVE KIDS STUFF TO DO but always be sure to ask the parents first if they want you to bring these things out such as  crayons and coloring books, digital arcade games, or toys.
  2. HAVE A KIDS-EAT-FREE DAY this is a very simple way to attract families to your restaurant. For every adult meal purchased, offer a free kids meal. Since kids meals are relatively small and cheap to prepare anyway, you won’t lose much money on this deal.
  3. SERVE FOOD QUICKLY No one likes waiting a long time for their food, and this goes double for children. By bringing out food as quickly as possible, you can minimize temper tantrums and boredom.
  4. DON’T FORGET ABOUT THE PARENTS remember that the parents brought their children to your restaurant so that their entire family could have a great meal. Be sure to check in with them often and be sure they have everything they need.
  5. MENU SELECTIONS and Prices for Kids includes usual kid fare, including cheeseburgers, macaroni and cheese, and chicken tenders, all served with a soft drink, milk, or juice.
  6. CONSISTENTLY deliver good food, a nice atmosphere, pleasant surroundings and a family friendly staff.

If you are leaning towards open a concept that is family friendly, whether it’s a casual, fast casual, fine dining, fast-food, or a food truck be sure to have something for everyone (every family member).

Cherry Picking A Family Friendly Restaurant

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