Café Yumm! & Palo Alto Business Plan Software, A Tasty Combo!

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Café Yumm! & Palo Alto Business Plan Software, A Tasty Combo!

They help people live happier, fuller and, successful personal and professional lives!

Café Yumm!  Serves – Healthy, soul satisfying, and deeply nourishing food, in a distinctive, fun, and relaxed environment. Oh and, by the way, Palo Alto Software has played a major role in their success.

Palo Alto Software creates business planning tools that are accessible and affordable for small businesses everywhere.

They help others succeed in business, a goal they continue to pursue.

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Over 50% of the food served at Café Yumm! is certified organic, including brown rice, red beans, black beans, tempeh, red salsa, free-range eggs, field greens, yogurt, tofu, peanut butter, and more. They serve natural chicken, wild North Pacific salmon, organic tofu, organic tempeh, premium turkey breast, vegetarian and vegan options gluten-free choices too. Their addictive tasting sauces and dressings add zest to make your meal memorable and keep you coming back for more…

Awards include FranchiseRankings.Com Top 100 Best Restaurant Franchises – 2015, Inc. Magazine 500/5,000 Fastest-Growing Companies, Oregon Business Magazine-Top 150 Private Companies – 2012 and The Source Weekly of Central Oregon Voted them The Best Vegetarian. 

Café Yumm! & Palo Alto Business Plan Software, A Tasty Combo!

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Since its creation in 1988, Palo Alto Software has grown to a respected provider of small business tools worldwide with the single goal of helping other small businesses grow and become successful. Their products are used in 180 countries but believe their strength is that they are a small business too.

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They believe that job creation comes from small businesses.

Every business that they help to start and grow means a better future for everyone.

Palo Alto Software tools are built by small business owners for small business owners and are very easy to use.

They take extreme pride in their excellent customer service.

They have one phone number with a live person at the other end, (what a concept) ready to help you solve your problem.

Here’s What Companies Are Saying About Palo Alto Software

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Startup Grows Into Successful Franchise!

The founders of Café Yumm! Mark and Mary Ann Beauchamp believe so strongly in the importance of planning that they now give a copy of Business Plan Pro to every franchisee who opens a new location.

There are now nine independently owned Cafe Yumm! Franchises in Oregon and growing!

“Business Plan Pro Was The Perfect Tool For Us”

“Using Business Plan Pro helped us plot out a strategy for our existing business as well as realize our dreams for other stores and product lines. It showed us where our assumptions needed adjustment and really focused us on milestones and the financial realities as well as the possibilities. Using Business Plan Pro …helped us realize our dreams for other stores and product lines. We are the dreamers – Business Plan Pro helped us realize our vision.” — Mary Ann Beauchamp-Co-Founder of Cafe Yumm!

Do You Need Help With Your Restaurant’s Business Plan

Maybe you have no idea where to start. Maybe you’ve tried and it just didn’t work. Well, I’m here to tell you Palo Alto Software can get you amazing results with their business plan options.

Having a business plan helps the startup of your restaurant process go smoothly as well as give you a clear path!


 As you continue to make important decision necessary to start and run a successful restaurant it’s important to have a roadmap.

A business plan keeps you heading in the right direction as you move from a dream stage to a reality stage.

Have you been trying to create your business plan but feel like you’re slamming your forehead against a brick wall?

Many years ago, I was just like you, trying to figure out how on earth I was going to create a business plan.

If I had tools like Palo Alto Software I would have saved money and time.

I would have made a fewer mistake and gotten to my startup with fewer snags and frustrations.

You Have A Wonderful Tool At Your Fingertips!



You don’t want to miss this opportunity to organize your goals, interest investors (if you need them) and pursue your passion and dreams.

Are you stuck in a dead end job you hate and you wish you could start your own restaurant and need to put a business plan together?

Do you already have a business idea and need to organize your goals to make it work?

Their software can guide and teach you, step-by-step to create a business plan for your specific concept.

I recommend purchasing my E-Book Let your Concept Be Your Guide it sets the stage for creating your business plan.

Let Your concept Be Your Guide Cover For Sales Page

Create A Business Plan As A First-Time Restaurant Owner With Confidence

Use your business plan to create and market your restaurant.

The only thing that matters when it comes to starting your restaurant is that you build a framework with goals to be accomplished.

Your business plan can help your business grow to it’s potential.


Set your course and stay focused and if you’re ever in Oregon stop Cafe Yumm!

Café Yumm! & Palo Alto Business Plan Software, A Tasty Combo!




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