Breaking Up Is Hard To Do & Breaking Bad Is Over So Let’s Have A Pop-Up Cocktail

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You know I’m all about the THEME the THEME when it comes to one of the three vital components that have a lot to do with being successful in the Food & Beverage Industry. Well here is another creative THEME that has people flocking inside its doors.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do & Breaking Bad Is Over So Let’s Have A Pop-Up Cocktail

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Binge-watching old Breaking Bad episodes is about all that’s left for die-hard fans so perhaps binge-drinking might be an option. It may ease the withdrawal and pangs of pain knowing you’ll never see a new episode again.

Don’t worry just as there are more fish in the sea after a break-up, there’s more new interesting series to get addicted to on Netflix and HBO. In the meantime, check this bad ass breaking bad remedy if you plan to travel to London this summer.

Breaking Bad Themed – Cocktail Bar In London

A pop-up cocktail lounge called ABQ (Named for Breaking Bad’s hometown Albuquerque despite being located in London, England) is housed in an RV just as the one Walt and Jesse used as their mobile meth lab.

breaking Bad Bar

ABQ is set to open on July 24, but already is a success.

The pop-up bar is the brainchild of neighborhood guide app Locappy and the people responsible for the owl-themed cocktail bar.

Founder of Locappy,  Seb Lyall said: “We got inspired by this famous Netflix series and thought to do something unique on those lines. The RV is now being kitted out and will be able to house 20-22 people at one time.”


The bar-on-wheels sold out the first two months of its projected three-month run in just three days. Currently 17,374 people have already signed up for the three-month event.

For roughly $34 U.S. current exchange rate, 20 patrons at a time get to spend two hours inside the RV’s lab. Everyone gets two cocktails and a lucky few get to “cook” some drinks, too.

It’s always important to give your customers from time to time a unique experience. People demand something a bit more special and what better way to stand out among your competitors.

Having a  theme restaurant, bar and grill, or sports pub or even occasionally hosting a theme event can make your business the cool and fun place to be at!

Don’t shy away from eccentric ideas if you want to keep or attract customers to your business.

The popularity of Breaking Bad is an example of how to attract customers. The show was a smash hit why not piggy back the theme and draw the interest of those junkies addicted to the show!

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