A Present for Your Belly A Box Filled with Exciting Healthy Eats Cooked Up Quick

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asian out of the box

Sometimes it’s hard to believe something cooked and served quickly can be healthy.

Your about to see that myth blown right out of the BOX!

asian box ingredients

Klein and business partner Chad Newton took their desire for a fast, fine meal, and merged their passion for authentic Vietnamese and Thai flavors, to create Asian Box. 

Their concept sources sustainable ingredients, makes its own sauces and butchers its own meat.

The Asian Box creator Frank Klein asianbox-webart.jpg__640x360_q85_crop FK Restaurants & Hospitality CEO is a veteran of the national restaurant scene.

He brought in his business partner Chad Newton on as the Culinary Director for The Box and Executive Chef Grace Nguyen who was raised in a traditional Vietnamese family where she began cooking with her grandmother at an early age.

Chad’s passion for quality ingredients and creating bridges to the local farmers and vendors and Chef Nguyen authentic recipes and techniques coupled with a keen eye and palate for quality ingredients makes them both  an integral part of the Asian Box.

A Present for Your Belly A Box Filled with Exciting Healthy Eats

what the box stands for 

Keeping true to the ingredients and style of authentic Asian food allows them to offer fresh made, tasty and healthy food that’s lower in sodium and fat while maintaining the crave-able flavors that make this food so memorable.


“Asian food is explosively flavorful and wonderful,” said Klein. “It’s something you can eat every day. There’s a massive amount of variety.”

Following a true tradition the Asian street stalls where the proprietors purchased everything they needed fresh for the day and pushed their carts to the market with the day’s in season ingredients. They would sell everything they made and then started all over again the next day.

street stallsstreet stalls 2

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A Present for Your Belly A Box Filled with Exciting Healthy Eats Cooked Up Quick

Besides taking their food quality seriously I admire their employee and labor driven strategy’s. A big blunder for many fast casual owners!

Asian Box looks for entrepreneurial minded people, who are corporate trained allowing them to create a good culture and a driven staff to get the right results.


“We can do good food, and we can find good real estate everywhere,” said Klein. When we feel like we have a good team in place, we will venture into those new markets. People are everything to us and our business.”



“We’re a lifestyle Asian fast casual brand focusing on high-quality, sustainably grown food at an affordable price,” said Klein, who serves as CEO of the two year old concept. “We want to bring that fine dining sensibility into the $10 price point.”


A Present for Your Belly A Box Filled with Exciting Healthy Eats Cooked Up Quick


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