A Flying Marketing Mistletoe Drone and $10 Endless Appetizers, Makes It A Not So TGIF

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fridays $10 endless appetizers

A Flying Marketing Mistletoe Drone and $10 Endless Appetizers, Makes It A Not So TGIF

May seem like a great marketing idea but it’s all fun and games till a drone propeller pokes someone’s eye out!

A mistletoe drone accidentally landed on a photographer’s face during $10 endless appetizers special at a TGIF in Brooklyn, N.Y.

I’m all about the $10 endless appetizer special trendy thing, get them in the door for a happy hour that turns into a a few hours cha-ching.

TGIF $10 endless Appetizers

The incident began when a mistletoe drone operator attempted to land the drone on a reporter’s hand.

Come on goof ball what do you think is going to happen when an unidentified flying object lands on them. They are going flinch out of fear if they don’t see it coming!

NEVER fly ANY kind of aircraft DIRECTLY OVER people while there eating or taking pictures!

The drone careened into the face of a photographer who was there to take photos for the Brooklyn Daily. The mistletoe got caught in the photographer’s hair, causing further damage to her nose and chin as the blades of the drone continued to spin.

“I have covered active crime scenes, terrorist strikes, etc. and survived them all, unscathed,” photographer Benvenuto, who walked away with a bloodied nose and chin, wrote on her Facebook page. “The most dangerous assignment to date was covering this drone story.”

There has to be a safer and easier way to get some kissing action during the holiday season can you says diamond ring, fur coat or a weekend post-holiday get away!

So far, drones have been used for a wide variety of things – delivery, disaster relief, etc. however, using them to carry around mistletoe in TGI Friday’s, during Christmas holidays may have seemed like a good idea.

Trends can hurt restaurant as much as it can send droves not drones to your door.

I say Trend Responsibly! Your restaurant, customers, employees, and reporters depend on upon it.

Who knew drones would be a draw into an eating establishment in 2014!

What we will do for a kiss and a some tasty finger food?

couple kisssing under the mistletoe

What’s the next BIG restaurant food trends in 2015?

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