A DJ KOOKS Up A New Mix From Scratching Tunes To Plating Foods!

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A DJ KOOKS Up A New Mix From Scratching Tunes To Plating Foods!


kooks bar


Professional DJ-turned-entrepreneur Tim Healey opened a new restaurant in Brighton.

“My wife and I feel it’s a privilege to be opening our new restaurant in Gardner Street – we’ve lived in Brighton for 16 years and we love this city – we choose the name Kooks Restaurant because we aim to celebrate the creative and eccentric people who make this city great. We will be the city’s home-from-home – bistro – serving breakfast from 10 am until late, lunch and dinner, seven days a week – with an extensive bar and an inspirational soundtrack.” -Tim Healey

Tim Healey is no ordinary DJ he is a world-famous International DJ! His play list is eclectic just like his restaurant and his customers. The walls of restaurant are adorned with album covers that mirror his choice of music and food from around the world.

kooks photo wall

The bar is stylish and minimal offering some interesting “Kooks Cocktails” and the dining room is a mixture of wooden tables and odd sets of chairs, creating a confident yet unpretentious atmosphere.

kooks cocktails

kooks bar

kooks all around look

Kooks has become the latest new independent restaurant which makes up the eclectic mix of food and beverage operations in the city that make it so unique. The decor and the music sets it apart and the menu has its own spin of selections to accompany the sounds bellowing from the speakers.

A DJ KOOKS Up A New Mix From Scratching Tunes To Plating Foods!

kooks menu

kooks sald

    Risotto Rocking the plate!

    Blood Mary infused with bacon vodka…  

                                        A Burger that needs to come with a bib!

bacon bloody mary infused vodkakooks burger

kooks adds music flavor



Let’s Not Forget Happy Hour

Several innovative bars and restaurants have been popping up in the seaside town’s streets over the last few months in Brighton. From the weird to the downright wacky, unusual food and drink “casual concepts”are draws. If you can complete the cycle of concept, theme and menu perfection consistently, you’ll have no problem keeping your customers coming back…

If you have ideas and want to start your own restaurant let us help you bring those ideas to life.

Contact us today and lets start creating your spin on the next Big Thing in the food industry.

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