Yes Virginia There’s Something Better Than Sex-A Dessert Restaurant Opening In December

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better than sex dessert restaurant dining room

Better Than Sex A Dessert Restaurant

The Theme And Name Of A Restaurant Can Be Sexy

Yes Virginia the word sex definitely will raise a few eyebrows!

Using it as part of a name for restaurant may seem strange and perhaps even unappetizing to some.

But in the case of Better Than Sex –A Dessert Restaurant owners,  Husband and Wife Team, Len & Dani Johnson,  self taught entrepreneurs who are about to open their second location in December of 2015 in Orlando Florida, using the word sex in their restaurant’s name, actually worked in their favor.

Their successful first location in Key West is over 7 years old!

len_dani owners of better than sex dessert restaurant

“Were you aroused by our name? ……. Do you feel a desire to satisfy this curiosity? Allow us, at Better Than Sex to release your inhibitions and capture your senses by providing the most romantic way to finish off your perfect evening.”

The above sentences are on the homepage of their site.

Tempting and tantalizing sums up their restaurants name.

key wests better than sex dessert restaurant

Finding the right name for your restaurant is just as important as finding the right niche, the right concept, the right menu and the right location.

They all play an important role in the success of a restaurant!

in the kitchen baking better than sex desserts

When I saw the Better Than Sex-A Dessert Restaurant ad in a Holiday Guide I picked up this month, I immediately went to their website.

At first I thought what could they possibly be doing to desserts to really compare it to sex?

APPLE PIE MOONSHINE!!! Apple Pie Moonshine

As soon as I got  a view of their tempting sinful desserts and drinks I thought, if they taste as yummy as they look they could very well lead to very exciting evening…

Bangin' Bread Pudding “Bangin Bread Puddin”
Strawberry and coconut cream bread pudding served slightly warmed and served with our house made Cheesecake Ice Cream, mounted with a port wine granita and toasted coconut.


TWIST & STOUT! “Twist & Stout”

Chocolate Stout Cake poked with tart chocolate frosting, with chocolate beer glaze & salted caramel.

Served with Irish Cream ice cream.

Could  their restaurant “Better Than Sex” serve desserts that are better than sex?

You’ll have to travel there to find out for sure!

The one thing that is for sure, they are opening a second location which means they are doing something right!

Yes Virginia There’s Something Better Than Sex-A Dessert Restaurant Opening In December of 2015 in Orlando Fl

Their success didn’t happen over night and didn’t come easy.

Their Story-The dream began in 2003 …. And it all started with Len exclaiming to his new wife…. “I want dessert.” Four hours later, Dani brought out a fully decorated 2 layer Oreo Cream Cake for her new Hubby. Len Pronounced, “Wow, if you can do this what else can you do?” Dani took him up on the offer and began baking her little heart out at home. For the next three years she recorded all of her recipes and took photos of everything she was doing, because something inside told her she should.

Len and Dani rolled out the “len_daniDessert Menu” at a Valentine’s day party at their home in 2006. None of their guests knew anything about their dream of opening a dessert restaurant. “You should do this for a living,” seemed to be the response….This is exactly what Dani & Len had intended to do and their friends proved to be the perfect Guinea pigs!

In 2008, Better Than Sex opened their doors at 926 Simonton St,
Key West, FL.

The Key West  dessert-only restaurant  features a Red Room with, “sensual art on the walls and privacy booths for intimacy.”


better than sex dinning room dessert

Check Out Their Sexy Menu!

For Your Tastebuds Pleasure!


Yes Virginia There’s Something Better Than Sex-A Dessert Restaurant Opening In December of 2015 in Orlando Fl

What Is In A Restaurant’s Name?

If you can’t back up your restaurant’s name with proof of what you’re serving  you’re going to fail for sure.

What you name your restaurant must speak, to your target market and whatever you say your restaurant is serving, it has to be what they want.

In Len and Dani instance they knew her desserts were going to be a hit and they knew Key West was in need of a exclusive Dessert Only Restaurant. Their restaurant’s name sure is meeting their clientele’s expectations and desires. 

I  hope they “get lucky” in their new location or should I say I hope their good luck continues… 

If they continue baking with the such passion at their new location as they have in their Key West location, there should be no reason they can’t become the sexiest restaurant on the block in Orlando!

If you’re thinking about opening a restaurant, be sure your name describes exactly what you’ll be serving, to avoid any confusion and also be sure you have an audience! 

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