Between Social Media and the Economic Climate Restaurants Are Getting A Lot of Heat

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The 460-restaurant chain Red Robin introduced a four new burgers recently and set out to get everything just right.

They decided to utilize an internal social network that resembled Facebook to teach its managers everything from the recipes to the best, fastest way to make these new new burgers.

Between Social Media and the Economic Climate Restaurants Are Getting A Lot of Heat

Instead of spending money on mailing manuals, getting feedback from in store district management visits and taking months to act on, the network opened discussions and videos that produced results in days.

Red Robin was able to tweak recipes based on customer feedback — and they were able to roll out four new burgers in under two months!

Getting first hand feedback from diners is a more objective way to analyze and know how your business is satisfying your patrons.

It’s also a great way to stop bad publicity on social media channels!

I’m sure you have noticed the urgency of shift managers heading over to your table asking “how is everything?”

Shortly after meals have arrived to tables, there’s been this extra concern to make sure everyone is satisfied.

No restaurant wants unhappy diners and with it being so easy to take to social media to complain, they prefer to deal with issues on the spot and make every effort to satisfy their customer immediately. 

Rewards Network a leading dining rewards programs in North America found that 95 percent of diners who rate their overall experience as a five on a five-star scale say they would recommend that restaurant to others.

The overall experience influences how a patron recommends a restaurant to others—an important factor in the social media era.

Bonnie Riggs a market research analyst for the firm NPD Group,  sees a ton of data in and she tells Nation’s Restaurant News that providing an experience is especially important in the current economic climate.

“If you look at the middle class, they’ve cut back drastically on going to restaurants,” They’re not making as many visits on the lower end (quick service and midscale). When they go out they are going to fast-casual or higher-end restaurants, and making it more of a special occasion.“Bonnie Riggs

Here’s the pitch Bone Fish is using to capture this middle class market!

“Those who believe happiness is fleeting, that it comes only in small doses, that it’s as rare as catching lightning in a bottle… have never been to Bone Fish Grill.

Starting tonight, let’s embrace happiness. Let’s laugh more, worry less. Let’s swap out boredom and routine for an inspired dinner that opens your eyes. Let’s do it at a place that feels refreshing and exceeds your expectations—from the chef coat service to the Big-City Bar atmosphere.

Let’s do it at a place where we feel good about the people, the food, and the bill, so that, in the end, we simply feel good. Happiness starts when you walk in the door.”

Those are some pretty bold life enhancing promises you’ll get from a dining experience at Bone Fish!

If you’re looking to deliver a great overall customer experience at your restaurant, you might want to come up with an approach on some of the points Bone Fish Grill touches on.

Between Social Media and the Economic Climate Restaurants Are Getting A Lot of Heat






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