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Considering Starting a Restaurant? You’re Not Alone

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, third quarter of 2020 the number of entrepreneurs starting a business totaled 1,566,373. An 82% increase compared to the same quarter in 2019. In that total includes food industry startups!

Whether you’ve always wanted to start a restaurant or are pivoting from being laid off or for other reasons, starting a restaurant can bring on many challenges, questions, and opportunities.

You Need to Take This Assessment Before Doing Anything Else


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Assessments provide profound insights into who you are as an entrepreneur and as a person.

The results from assessments will equip you with tools and direction when considering taking a restaurant entrepreneur path.

The road of entrepreneurship can be difficult at times, to say the least. Every successful entrepreneur has asked themselves at one point or another, “Did I make a mistake? Should I even be trying to start my own business?”

Taking this assessment can help you answer that nagging question, “Is entrepreneurship right for me?”

The goal of this assessment is to find anything that can give you an advantage as a restaurant owner.

You may or may not have restaurant experience but have gained strengths and skills from life experiences, your career, or hobbies that can be an advantage in your restaurant.

It will identify strengths and weaknesses, and give insight into how you can perform at your best, plus how you can help others excel, too.

Even though you’ve been with yourself your whole life, it’s hard to pinpoint your qualities.

That’s why taking this assessment before going further with your restaurant ideas is a must.

Upon completion of this assessment, please email me your answers and I will schedule a FREE 45-minute bonus coaching call. During this call, we will discuss where you will naturally be the most productive in your restaurant.

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