Are You on the Path to Restaurant Startup Success?

I truly thought I was on the path!

Success only comes in a business when you do ALL the necessary steps during your STARTUP PHASE…

There are many challenges for new entrepreneurs during their startup.

It can be a lack of experience which can turn into a lack of confidence.

Lack of confidence can cause you to second-guess everything because you’ve never done anything like this before.

So, when it’s just you and your mind, all alone, trying to make something take-off can be overwhelming.

Starting My First Venture

Even though I had years of experience in running and managing restaurants, I had ZERO experience starting one.

When I realized that I wanted to start and run my own restaurant, I had ideas, got excited, then depressed, then excited again. When I finally had the right idea for one, I took the plunge!

I was not prepared for what would lie ahead. I did not realize all the research I had failed to do before opening my doors. So I will not bore you with the unfortunate details. Let us just say I went to the school of hard knocks before starting my next venture. Which by the way became a success sooner than I expected?

For my next venture to success, I had to go through where I went wrong during my first startup, not a fun task. In fact, it was a real eye-opening experience. So, when I recognized what I skipped doing or did not even know I had to do I developed a plan. A road map to follow during the process to be sure I did EVERYTHING that must be done during the startup phase.

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I’d probably still be waiting for my first successful business had not realized the responsibilities as a new owner I had before I even opened my doors for business.

What I Learned About Starting a Food Business

I needed experience in how to start a business more than anything, so I had to make that my priority.

It’s so easy for me to write this explanation for you today, but it took me a year to fully create my 7 Step Startup Success Plan.

It’s the rock that the rest of my businesses are built on.

The great thing is I can share my advice and experience to help you secure a path to a successful startup.

I have been my own boss for ¾ of my working career.

jeannette goldman at a wedding

And for over 30 years I’ve owned 4 food businesses and 2 entertainment and media businesses.

I know the mindset and knowledge you need to work through the processes during the startup phase.

That is why having an expert like myself as you begin your path to restaurant ownership is vital!

If you’re not sure yet, take some kind of action to gain knowledge, and adjust based on what you learn.

I suggest you download my FREE resources, it’s a great place to the action!