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Are You a Chef or Sous Chef Wanting to Own a Restaurant?

What Type of Chef and Owner Do You Want To Be?

Are you a chef who loves to cook, and be in your kitchen regularly, even if your staff can handle it without you? It’s great publicity to be seen preparing by your guests! If owning and being the chef of your restaurant is your ultimate goal, you are not alone, many successful restaurants are successful because the owner is the chef!

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Or are you a chef that isn’t going to cook in your restaurant long term and perhaps step back and become an owner-manager that knows what he is doing? It’s still a very respectable and vital position.

Even though you are not in the kitchen full-time, the cuisine and your recipes are the reason guests will be coming to your restaurant. Your love for cooking may change and you may eventually designate responsibilities to someone with talent and you can trust with continuing to enhance your restaurant’s reputation.

Regardless of the type of Chef-Owner, you’re still responsible for maintaining the quality and consistency of your kitchen. You will probably appoint someone to either run the kitchen or the business. It’s humanly impossible to do both.

Even though you’re a talented chef and may have a culinary degree with several years of cooking and restaurant management experience, you may not know where to begin or how to start a restaurant.

This is where www.startyourrestaurantbusiness.com can HELP!

The Future Looks Bright for Dining Establishments according to International Fresh-cut Produce Association, BUT there are no guarantees in this business.

To give yourself any chance of long term success in the restaurant industry you must do all the vital startup steps.

If you want to learn what those steps are, you have come to the right place!

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