Andy Spiro and Tom McKay Had a Double Wide Restaurant Vision

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trailer Park Lounge

 Theme Restaurants Rule!

Andy Spiro and Tom McKay Had a Double Wide Restaurant Vision

In NYC A- One-Of-A-Kind Atmosphere Really?



This Theme never gets old and when you can say one-of-a-kind about anything, you have a stand out from the competition!

The Trailer Park Lounge and Grill has been attracting an ever-growing clientele since its May 2002 opening.

13 years and still operating and open for business in NYC no less!/

[Tweet “Living in Florida for over 20 years and visiting since 1970 I’ve seen my share of trailer parks!”]

Oops I mean Mobile Home Parks; I can’t call them Trailer Parks! If you have a relative or friend living in one you just learn NOT use that phrase “Trailer Park”. It’s a respect thing if you catch my hitch.

I have good friend whose grandparents became millionaires from owning several parks in Florida. Her Grandfather purchased a bunch back in the 60’s and slowly sold them off in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Who knew?!

The parks have kept Florida on the map for decades! Make as much fun of them as you want but they have been a money making business for a lot of smart cookies who saw the future and reaped great benefits.

Even restaurateurs like Andy Spiro and Tom McKay had a double wide restaurant vision.

They knew “The Trailer Park Grill and Bar” would be a money making idea and has been for 13 years, a record in the hospitality industry!

When the failure rate is so high, it’s a wonder people continue to want to own one…Hence having a restaurant that stands out is one of the major keys to success.

The Menu at Trailer Park sticks very close to classic American drive-in fare.

“Trailer Park Lounge & Grill” is open for business 7 days a week, from 12 noon until 3 am.

Andy Spiro and Tom McKay Had a Double Wide Vision For A Restaurant

“Their quest for kitsch is clearly a labor of love. These aren’t the mass-produced knickknacks one finds cheaply adorning the walls of TGI Friday’s. Trailer Park is a veritable museum of dubious pop culture that could double for the set of a John Waters film.” Benjamin Austin -newspaper writer.

Monday & Tuesday enjoy our ALL DAY-ALL NIGHT $10.95 BURGER & BEER SPECIAL.

HAPPY GIDDY SILLY HOUR is from 4 pm ’til 6 pm DAILY!

trailer park 4

Ice-Cold Cans of P.B.R. and Schaefer Beer are just $3, and our World Famous Margaritas are $5 On The Rocks or $6 Frozen! I remember Schaefer Beer –“Schaefer is the one beer to have when you’re having more than one” a jingle that was played on TV and radio back in the late 60’s.



trailer 5trailer 2trailer 3

Their thick, homemade chili and choice of (beef, turkey or veggie) grabs the gamut of chili lovers!

They say their mac & cheese and “mile-high” BLT’s are absolutely habit forming.

Always wanting to please their guests, check out their SLOPPY JOE choices (BEEF,  TURKEY  OR  VEGGIE)!

Try one of their popular sides ~ SWEET POTATO FRIES ~ TATER TOTS ~ MOON-PIES (southern thang)

Oh yes they are mobile and can travel to you and deliver their yummy in your tummy!



Andy Spiro and Tom McKay Had a Double Wide Restaurant Vision

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