Would Albert Einstein Be Able to

Create a Bagel With a Buzz?

He created the world’s most famous equation E=mc2, why not a bagel with a buzz?
Not sure if they are related but who knows, they could be?!?

Today’s famous bagel company Einstein Bros. did it for him.
Meet the “Espresso Bagel Buzz.”

The bagel has 13 grams of protein, and the caffeine is naturally sourced from with 32 milligrams of espresso and coffee-cherry flour.
The bagel industry is competitive, just check out the places you where you can get one, a bagel bakery, Dunkin Donuts, Panera’s, grocery stores, Starbucks, Einstein’s, and every mom and pop coffee and donut shop that’s in your town.
How in the world do you stand out from the competition if you’re in the bagel business?
Good Luck!
Just having delicious bagels and excellent counter service isn’t enough to survive in today’s food industry.
If you don’t have a niche and if you’re not unique, you’re just like every other bagel, slicing smearing joint.
Ok I know many will say there is nothing like a NYC bagel.
I’m partial I was raised there so I can brag. But those who never had one could care less. Why they’ve been eating bagels they consider yummy, let’s face it you don’t miss what you’ve never had.
I’m not writing this blog to find the greatest bagel it’s more about surviving in the competitive bagel industry.
No matter what you bake, cook or grill if you don’t bring something different then what the guy next door is serving, you have a long road ahead of you.
Those of you who read my blog know, there is a success lesson to my madness. I’m always trying to give new startup entrepreneur’s nuggets of information that can help them start off in the right direction.
One of those nuggets I often discuss is how important it is to find your niche, theme, and uniqueness. That “something” that can set you apart from your competition.

When I saw this article about the new Einstein Bagels, I just had to share it. Once AGAIN I want to show the importance of setting yourself apart from the pack, regardless if you are a new business or have been the mainstay, you still have to STAND OUT if you want customers to keep walking through your doors.
Back to the Bagel with a Buzz!
Not only did Einstein Bros. birth the “Espresso Buzz Bagel.”
They didn’t stop there they have added two other bagels the Cherry Chia Bagel, boasting 300 milligrams of omega-3 ALA and 12 grams of protein, and the Savory Parm Bagel, which has iron, B1, B2 and 12 grams of protein.
Einstein Bros. knows they have to stay current and competitive to keep their customers satisfied.
Right now, the “Boosted Bagels” are available for a limited-time; however, if guests love them and they perform well, the brand could consider adding them to the permanent lineup, a spokesperson for the company told TODAY Food.
If you want to become a successful business owner, you have to be able to WOW your potential target market. If you don’t your just another generic bagel bakery, café, restaurant, pizza place or hamburger joint.
Here’s one way this bagel bakery was able to WOW their customers!
What are you going to do, to stand out?
How will you be unique?
What niche will your food business offer?
Startyourrestaurantbusiness.com has the experience and has had the opportunity to own and work with many different successful food industry companies. We can show you how to stand out from the competition.

Einstein shared his intellectual originality; it made him stand out among his peers of scientists!
I’m sure if he were in the bagel business he probably would have created or help discover the “Espresso Bagel Buzz.”
Let us help you achieve your originality and stand out from the pack.
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