A Woman’s Place is in Her Own Restaurants Kitchen

National Restaurant Association (NRA) states that more than half of the restaurants in the US have women as full owners or co-owners.

45 percent of restaurant managers are women.

Female employees account for:

52 percent of all restaurant workers

71 percent of servers nationwide

41 percent of fine dining bartenders

Women are simply more likely to hold mid to senior leadership roles in the restaurant industry than other industries.

The importance of women in the industry goes beyond just basic employment.

Nationwide Roles for Women in Restaurants

Female enrollment in culinary schools is 51.6 percent!

But only hold 19 percent of chef positions.

I highly doubt it’s because they are not worthy of the position.

I rather not go into the reasons!

Fortunately, we live in an era that is better for women-owned businesses than at any time before.

There are approximately 13 million women-owned businesses in the U.S. as of 2021!

Women-owned businesses equal roughly 42% of all firms across the United States.

And that percentage is expected to continue rising over the coming years.

Women & Restaurants

43.7% of all Restaurant Owners are women, while 52.4% are men.

The restaurant industry is the second-largest private-sector employer in the country.

I couldn’t afford culinary school so as they say I went to the school of hard knocks (learn on the job).

When I started my own catering business back in the 80’s I never thought about researching or statistics.

I wish I had; my first attempt was a difficult learning experience.

It wasn’t a financial disaster, but my ego was bruised for a while.

I didn’t go to culinary school, but I worked in ALL types of restaurants for 7 years.

After spending several years holding different positions, working, and managing I thought I knew everything.


I knew how to run and manage a restaurant, but I did know how to start one!

I didn’t give up and gave it another try.

jeannette goldman wearing chef shirt 

I loved working for myself and being creative and not being forced to stay in a box.

So, I returned to working in a restaurant to save money and started researching how to create one.

When I began my research, I realized there were few books on starting a restaurant.

Oh, sure, there were one or two chapters dedicated to starting one, but more often, most chapters were about running one.

I decided to create my blueprint for starting one.

Get my book and blueprint!

And since 2014, I’ve been helping people start their restaurants.

I have owned four food industry businesses.

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Having succeeded in the industry, I feel a calling to help others, especially WOMEN who own or want to own restaurants too!

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