A Vegas Restaurant Standing Out and Filling a Niche with Grass and Beer

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grass on the building

A Vegas Restaurant Standing Out and Filling a Niche with Grass and Beer

I’m sure I got your attention with the word GRASS, no not the stuff you smoke , the stuff you mow!

man mowing grass in the gaden

In a desert dry drenched city with neon lights and flashy signs, development partners Grant Garcia and Sam Cherry of Cherry Development had an idea to make their Las Vegas restaurant stand out.

Real Grass – it draws in customers, who aren’t accustomed to live plants in Las Vegas.

The design is, an indoor and outdoor German-inspired beer garden attached to the Plaza Hotel.

It’s the first outdoor beer garden in Las Vegas!

vegas at night

The real grass carpets the exterior and there are vines that wind up trellises to a living wall, with more than 900 plants on the facade of the Plaza Hotel.

“It’s a type of concept we felt was lacking, not only in downtown, but in Las Vegas,” Garcia says. “We wanted to create a nice space to be able to enjoy the outdoors.”

The outdoor seating mimics a laid back, Bavarian beer garden, down to the picnic tables imported to the U.S. from a 1980’s Oktoberfest celebration in Munich, Germany.

A Vegas Restaurant Standing Out and Filling a Niche with Grass and Beer

There are 24 beers on tap, and the beer selection puts the restaurant on top, compared to the bigger Vegas Strip properties. Bier Garten serves traditional German fare, such as artisan sausages and bratwurst.

Reviews from yelp!

“We started with the giant pretzel and it could easily feed more than 4. The pretzel was warm and super tasty.”

giant pretzel

“The outdoor area is truly a gem downtown and the casual picnic table style seating on top of real grass is a real treat.”

bier garten tables

“The waitress/bartender was SUPER nice and attentive. She greeted us and walked us through the menu. I don’t drink beer, but they had an elderberry cider on the menu so I decided to give it a try.”

bier and brat

“I would definitely come back in the evening to enjoy the outdoor space with a brat and a beer (or cider).”

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The Bier Garten an example of Niche that needed to be filled but with out coming up with just the right theme in a super competitive climate like Vegas it probably would not have survived.

 A Vegas Restaurant Standing Out and Filling a Niche with Grass and Beer

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