Learn Seven Steps To A Successful Restaurant Startup

This online course cuts through the confusion and introduces a step-by-step way for starting a new restaurant.

You’re going to have tasks, activities, and worksheets that will show you where to begin, what to do, when to do it and how to do it.

Not only will you get tools and resources to guide you through your startup you will know the proper chan

Upon completing this course and executing the steps, you will have acquired resources to develop a winning restaurant startup strategy.

Restaurant Startup E-Course


E-learning typically refers to a self-paced, computer-based learning suite in which the student usually interacts only with the computer. You know what you want to learn and prefer not to communicate.


 We provide you the tools and training, and then you’re off to conquer the restaurant world on your own. If you prefer to learn with this method, we offer an option in our course.

E-learning The mix of different formats, including human interaction a one on one coach. It will be the best solution over time, even if you are starting small. We team up, and I become your restaurant startup coach!

The Master Plan

 As your coach, I go through each step and share the startup responsibilities. I will be available to answer questions relevant to you and your restaurant startup.

Each step comes with supporting education pieces, providing you with the industry’s most effective startup solutions. You do not have to worry about making the typical mistakes startup entrepreneurs make. When you purchase the Master Plan, you will receive powerful video lectures, audio versions, and PDF slide presentations followed by worksheets and Q&A’s you will need to fill out.

Whatever you are struggling with and whatever problem you need to solve I can help you find solutions. I ‘get you,’ I have been in your shoes as a first-time business person. I will offer advice and navigate you into your own restaurant business. I give entrepreneurs the confidence to keep believing in their restaurant startup, even when things get tough and they will get tough. If you prefer to learn with this method, we offer an option in our course.

  • E-learning Mix, each client is unique to us and so are their startup requirements. If you prefer to purchase only some of the steps and not the entire plan we give you that opportunity.

    Individual Startup Success Plan

    Each step comes with supporting education pieces, providing you with the industry’s most effective startup solutions. When you purchase any one of the steps, you will receive a powerful video lecture, an audio version of it, and a PDF slide presentation as well as worksheets and Q&A’s.

    As a first-time startup entrepreneur, we know you have many questions, that is why when you purchase one of our lectures we include both verbally and written form feedback. If you prefer to learn with this method, we offer an option in our course.

    If you can commit to doing, everything that’s necessary; I know your dream of starting and running a restaurant can happen.


Starting a restaurant is overwhelming that is precisely why I created the online course.


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Jeannette provided so much more than just the traditional business mentoring, and I can’t thank her enough for having such a positive impact on my business. In less than one year, she assisted me in the startup and the structure of my café and catering facility. I never expected to achieve so much in such a short space of time. Jeannette has real business insight, and her own experience enables her to get involved and give practical help.  Donna L Antonsson PICNICS CAFE AND CATERING, LLC Tampa Florida. 2010

When I met Jeannette at a networking meeting, I started to tell her about my idea and that I was thinking about starting a go fund me page. She suggested I have my original business plan reviewed and updated. The review was comprehensive and thorough, because of that, I was able to navigate finances, develop growth, produce employee-hiring strategies, and research my target markets accurately. Mark Byrne COMEDY- MAGICIAN BALLOON GUY Clearwater/Tampa Fl. February 2018

I have owned six businesses and have been in my businesses for ¾ of my working life.

I’ve owned 4 Food businesses, one music retail business, and one multimedia business.

If not for being successful in the food industry

I wouldn’t have been able to continue being in my businesses today!


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