A Royal Rebranding Fit for a King Even in a Pandemic

Burger King has decided to rebrand its look in more than two decades. The pandemic has been encouraging all restaurants to reinvent themselves.

For some, that may mean rebranding their businesses.

When thinking about staying in the now and keeping your restaurant open, you should think about what others in the industry are doing, even the BIG guys!

The pandemic can give you a chance to reintroduce your restaurant to your current customer base as well as gain new ones.

The announcement of Burger King rebranding has come after their recent improvements to taste and food quality.

They have removed colors, flavors, and preservatives from artificial sources from menu items. And have made a strong pledge to environmental sustainability.

All these changes can only secure their role as one of the top fast-food chains.

A Royal Rebranding During A Pandemic







Burger King first started with their Logo Change.

The first change was their logo, the brand evolution of the times, and paid homage to the old logo with a refined design that’s simple and fun.

Selected Color Scheme Change

Food must taste delicious, certainly, but texture and looks are also important to the overall eating experience.

They are using rich and bold colors, inspired by their iconic flame-grilling process and fresh ingredients.

Uniform Change

The new crew member uniforms reflect flame grill masters, mixing contemporary and comfortable style with distinctive colors and graphics.

Burger King is using real crew members in new BK advertising.

Fonts and Packaging Changes

New packaging showcases the new logo as well as bold colors and playful illustrations of


The Burger King new brand font is appropriately called “Flame.” The shapes of BK foods inspire the font.

New Outdoor and Indoor Looks

The pandemic has brought on widespread outdoor seating for obvious reasons.

Outdoor seating is just as important as curbside pickup and delivery. It brings another avenue for revenue.

New Indoor Look

Clean, spacious counters, bold menu wording, and self-ordering kiosks make customers comfortable and control ordering and getting their food.

Burger King Rebrands on YouTube

The rebranding is a new look that displays confidence while remaining true to their heritage and what guests have come to love about BK.


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