The truth is a new restaurant is under a microscope!

And yes, a first impression does matter! The first impression is often the thing that draws customers in as well as leaving them wanting more.

After I read a review in a weekly local entertainment paper about a new restaurant that just opened, I was reminded of how important first impressions are. No matter if you’re in a small town or big city word travels fast and you want those words to be positive!

The review started off with “it was a bit unclear where to enter to avoid being sucked into service roads. My entire field of vision was overwhelmed by a kaleidoscope of visual information that was impossible to absorb.” Not such a great way to start a visit to a new restaurant, trying to figure out how to enter the parking lot.

Not a good start but it certainly shouldn’t affect the experience once inside, maybe?

As he entered with a few guests tagging along they waited a while wanting to sit out on the deck, it took some time before a host or server came over to greet them. When someone did finally greet them, they said: “Do You Need Something?” The tone wasn’t exactly welcoming!

Of course, they need something!

How about a table, food, and drinks which is most important, that is if the greeter wants to take home a paycheck at the end of the week.

Besides the difficult time finding the place and being ignored once in the restaurant, he proceeded to discuss the limited menu and the use of an old menu of the restaurant that was there before the new owners took over. They did hand out a paper menu with additions that would be on the new one,(bad move) they should have had new menus before opening.

The most important and first form of communication and advertising with your customers is the MENU!

It seems the were not ready to open their doors for business just yet.

I will say this his review of the food was not all that bad, which might save them, though he did comment that the fries weren’t crispy enough, the menu has kooky variations on chicken and waffles, combining wings with mini doughnuts was strange and the desserts lacked bold flavors. The half-pound burger was cooked as requested and steak sandwiches show promise.

Will he return to give them a second chance for a new and improved review, maybe?

But how will word travel about his current review, depends on how many people will read it and decide if its worth the drive and money. Some will wait till they iron out the bugs but if people wait too long, they could be out of business, hence why first impressions do matter, and first reviews do too!

When you open your doors for the first time be prepared and don’t take it for granted if you aren’t people won’t be critical just because you’re a new restaurant! People love to eat out. However, as the cost of living eats into disposable incomes, guests are demanding more for their money. If their first experience doesn’t go well, they will feel like that waisted their money or paid too much for it.

The first-time people enter a new place to eat, most of the time they look for important details without ever being fully conscious of it. The most immediate details that jump out can tell them how they’re going to be treated for the meal.

Every aspect of a restaurant reflects someone, whether it’s the order taker, greeter, chef, manager, or the bartender. You want your customer to feel welcomed and ready to enjoy a great meal regardless of who is the owner, greeter chef, manager or bartender etc.

If they go home satisfied, they’ll most likely will go back.

Preparing for you Grand Opening is vital and shouldn’t be a last thought!

Because A New Restaurants First Impression Does Matter!

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