A Memorable Dinning Experience Isn’t All About The Food At A Restaurant

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simeons-on-the-commons-ithaca-nygone are the days

Gone are the days where you could be a good Chef and just open a place and your great cooking abilities would drive the masses.

Yes, of course, you still need that great food, but today’s diners want more than just a culinary experience.

Everyone needs to eat! But not everyone needs to go out to eat.

Opening A Restaurant Involves Much More Than Simply Knowing How To Cook!

A Memorable Dinning Experience Isn’t All About The Food At A Restaurant!

bar and people rooting Betty-Dangers-Country-club-ferris-wheel1-300x169 Ochi14 Copy of boathouse dining table turned into a bar


People go out to be entertained, to socialize, and to get away from the day-to-day grind. Your restaurants future depends on just how well you can provide them with this escape from their grind.


You must address all senses of your ideal customer; creating the perfect environment and ambiance that will have them wanting to come back again and again.

Your goal should be to make your customer’s see, feel, taste, and smell when they dine at your restaurant.

Flower-Child  images (3) Copy of boathouse music bar restaurant-agave-hotel-barcelo-maya-beach21-74731

We can help you create that perfect environment!

Creating is our passion, each new project we take on we strive to make each restaurant unique… we are there for you every step of the way to find the perfect mix for your success.

Passion directed properly in your business can create a life long income stream.

Opening a restaurant involves much more than simply knowing how to cook!

Successful restaurants create a space where customers want to linger, and a menu that communicates a unique and appealing identity.

Your restaurant theme needs to tell a story, and just like a famous novel, it must tell it in every segment of your restaurant.

Copy of boathouse dining room wall Copy (2) of boathouse dinning

We like creating a storyboard adding in all the restaurant ideas making everyone who enters comfortable, satisfied and wanting to return .

We know what it takes to make a dining experience memorable. We’ve done it in our own businesses and for first time entrepreneur’s just like you.

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A smooth running concept, a crowd pleasing theme and a delicious menu, all will contribute to making your restaurant the next BIG THING.

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