A feast for the Eyes, Food is the Second Most Photographed Thing

“Food is the second most photographed thing, after yourself,” Wyman Roberts, chief executive officer of Chili’s parent company Brinker International Inc., said in an interview. Chili’s has been around since 1975. Having seen it all gives them invaluable experience. They have weathered this turbulent industry and have always risen and stayed at the top. They spend a lot on advertising because they know it works. What else is working is showing off their delicious dishes. They have had their hand on the pulse of the restaurant industry for almost 50 years. If it’s working for them you must do it too.

Say Cheese I Mean Chili’s

Chili’s Grill & Bar in the past has spent over $750,000 a year to make their food look better in Instagram photos. As a result, people have been tagging their favorite Chili’s menu items.

There is such a high level of competition in the industry.  It’s important to catch the eye of your potential customer. Professional food photography for instance can help whet the appetite of your customer.

The right mouth-watering photo can literally drive traffic through the door.

In the next paragraphs, I’m going to discuss a few reasons why and how to utilize food photography.

Spotlight Popular Dishes

Do you have certain dishes that are priced to help entice people through the door.?

Do you have dishes that your restaurant and your chef are known for?

It is important to rotate your website homepage pictures with popular dishes.

The pictures can be weekly or monthly specials to help promote a variety of dishes.

Visual Advertising & Marketing


“Our Seafood paella, just one mouthful of a steamy bowl, and you will be on a beach in Spain — such is the power of the chef’s seafood recipe extravaganza.”

It has been a standard practice to pair written content with a photo.  The reason for this, people will retain the knowledge of remembering it longer.

If you advertise that you sell hand-tossed NYC-style pizza, the response may be strong if you give a mouth-watering picture of that pizza as it comes out of the oven. You want to have a picture of an employee tossing it. Better yet how about a video of it on your website!

If they are looking at your website and happen to be hungry at the time they come across that picture, your food photography may have just paid off.

Google Images frequently ranks original images. More people are likely to track your image back to the original location and find your site.

Focus Your Food Photography on Pickup and Delivery During COVID

As expected during the COVID-19 crisis, the focus of food establishments should be growing their carryout, delivery, and catering services.

During the crisis and shutdown, restaurants are operating carryout and delivery only. When there are fewer dine-in guests frequenting sit-down restaurants, they will want the restaurant to come to them. This is a great time for independent and small-chain restaurants and pizzerias to develop those segments of their businesses.

So, it is vital that your customers can find your site because online ordering is the only way to engage with them. They need to see your menu, accompanied by food photographs and content descriptions.

Stand Out From The Competition

As you develop your menu keep in mind your website and what dishes you know would make for great food photography.

Food photography can differentiate your establishment from your competition. It can be the reason people order a specific dish or decide to frequent your establishment in the first place.

Your restaurant must have a personality and food photography can help showcase it in a meaningful way.

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food,” George Bernard Shaw said.

Add a picture of that food and there is a greater chance your customer will fall in love and try the deliciously displayed dish…

How to Develop a Profitable and Tempting Menu

A well-planned and designed menu can help any restaurant achieve its financial goals.

Put beautiful food photography of your dishes alongside mouthwatering descriptions and you have a winning combo!

Most importantly, it will keep your customers coming back to try more of what’s on it.

The key to excellent and practical menu design is creating something to entice your customers. but being.

This lecture will show you how to create an efficient and flexible menu.

I will help you develop selections that deliver the flavor and visual appeal while considering the targeted food cost, profit, and consistency your customers expect.

It digs into all the elements that make a profitable and favorable:
Menu Planning- Menu Formats- Menu Descriptions- Menu Pricing- Menu Engineering.

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