“80% of the Restaurant’s Success Is Sealed Before You Open the Doors,” Says Gary Sullivan, Established Restaurateur

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“80% of the Restaurant’s Success Is Sealed Before You Open the Doors,” 

I believe this to be true as well!

If you don’t do all the right things from the very beginning, you are not going to survive. Well, you may survive, but you’re going to wish you had done it a lot differently.

An associate professor at Ohio State University’s Hospitality Management program, H.G. Parsa research—found that about one in four restaurants close or change ownership within their first year of business. Over three years, that number rises to three in five.

The inability or unwillingness to give your restaurant business sufficient attention during the startup phase is the reason for some these statistics.

Not choosing the right concept, cuisine and theme whether due to lack of time or knowledge can jeopardise so many restaurant startups before they even open their doors.

Being a restaurant owner is like a shape, you need to find one that fits you. One you will do well at, the one you’re most comfortable in, and the one that gives you purpose.

It makes a lot of sense to figure out where you fit in comfortably at your restaurant and what will motivate you to get up every day to go to your restaurant.

Opening and running a successful restaurant involves more than buying or renting a space, building a place, designing the interior, buying equipment, employing staff and selling food and drinks.

I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard people say that their dream was to open a restaurant.

Even those who never even worked in one!

Unfortunately, most people with this sort of dream have no idea what it takes to start or run a restaurant.

If you start and plan well from the beginning, you can make a good living being a restaurant owner.

It goes without saying that during the early stages of your startup, you’ll wear many hats. While it can make you feel scattered and overwhelmed at times, truly knowing each and every area of your business increases your chances of future success.

There are only so many hours in a day, and it can be a challenge to determine where and what to focus your energy on.

In all my years of being in the restaurant industry and starting food businesses what I learned to focus on and put my energies towards  was deciding the following Core Components during the startup phase:

⇒ The Restaurants Concept

⇒ The Restaurants Theme

⇒ The Restaurants Cuisine(Menu)


The Restaurant Concept



The Restaurant Theme



Your customers need a reason to come to you instead of your competition.

You Need A Creative Theme & Unique Selling Point

The Restaurants Cuisine(Menu)


The most important internal sales tool “Your Menu.” A well-designed menu can help any restaurant achieve its goals, most importantly keep your customers coming back to try more of what’s coming out of your restaurant’s kitchen. The menu needs to tempt and impress them.

As I said at the beginning of this post- It makes a lot of sense to figure out where you fit in comfortably at your restaurant and what will motivate you to get up every day to go to your restaurant.


To help you see where you fit in it’s important, you assess your strengths.




Download in Power Point

Download in PDF

I’ve created this assessment worksheet to help first-time restaurant entrepreneurs discover where their strengths and skills lie. This evaluation will give you the opportunity to see where and what you should be doing at your restaurant.

Bonus – Included in this assessment is a FREE One Hour Coaching call to go over your assessment results.

It will also enlighten you to some of the skills you may not currently possess necessary to be a restaurant owner in the beginning.  Once you see the skills, you don’t have you will be able to hire someone who does. It will give you the opportunity to learn from that person if someday you decide to take on that position down the road. From day one  choose the right people and plan to succeed together.



online course overcome your fear of starting a restaurant





I look forward to speaking with you after you have taken the assessment !

one on one startup coach



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