9 Specific Characteristics You Need To Know About Your Target Customer When Considering A Restaurant Theme & Menu

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 9 Specific Characteristics You Need To Know About Your Target Customer When Considering A Restaurant Theme & Menu

~Age ~Gender ~Income ~Interests ~ Education ~Parenthood ~Marital status ~Lifestyle preferences  ~Geographic location

This post will discuss Age-

I will continue for the next 9 weeks to give each characteristic its own post so you can see the importance each one brings to the success of a restaurant theme and menu.  In order to generate profits you must know how to satisfy their needs and create value better than your competitors. The more you know about the specifics of your target market, the more focused and successful your marketing strategies will be.


Researching the ages of your potential customers will define their behaviors, values, opinions, cultures, interests and lifestyles.  For example, single young adults with middle to high income levels will typically eat out more often than those who are married with children.  Some general statistics on eating out include the following:

  • Generation Y “millennial generation,”  – those born since 1978 to 2000-tend to eat more often at quick-service, their restaurant visits are to burger franchises and pizza restaurants.


  • Generation X – those born between 1965 and 1977 – tend to prefer quick-service or casual establishments. They favor operations that offer all-you-can-eat salad bars and buffets. They like a comfortable atmosphere that focuses on value and ambiance.


  • 18 to 24-year-old eat out and drink alcohol outside the home more often than other age groups.


  • Wealthy, well-traveled  Baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, make up the largest segment of the U.S. population. Today, those on the leading edge of the boomer generation are becoming grandparents, making them a target of restaurants that offer a family-friendly atmosphere and those that provide an upscale, formal dining experience. The next generation, are more likely to look for ethnic or exotic food when they eat out.


  • Empty Nesters – consists of people in the age range between the high end of the baby boomers and seniors (people in their early 50’s to about age 64). Empty nesters typically have grown children who no longer live at home, and their ranks will continue to increase as the baby boomers grow older and their children leave home. With the most discretionary income and the highest per-ca pita income of all the generations, this group typically visits upscale restaurants. They are less concerned with price and are more focused on excellent service and outstanding food. Appeal to this group with elegant surroundings and a sophisticated ambiance.


  • Seniors – 65 and older   tend to eat early and slowly, and they look for good values with small portions. The majority of seniors are on fixed incomes and may not often be able to afford upscale restaurants.  They tend to eat at family-style restaurants that offer good service and reasonable prices. “Younger” seniors are likely to be more active and have more disposable income than “older” seniors, whose health may be declining. Seniors typically appreciate restaurants that offer early-bird specials and senior menus with lower prices and smaller portions, since their appetites are less hearty than those of younger people.

9 Specific Characteristics You Need To Know About Your Target Customer When Considering A Restaurant Theme & Menu

Well as you can see age plays a big part in what restaurant clientele you want to target. Hopefully this will be a good starting point as you continue your research in opening or revamping your restaurant.

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