CineBistro Introduces Movies, Luxury Lazy Boy Appeal and a Chef Run Kitchen

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CineBistro Introduces  Movies, Luxury Lazy Boy Appeal and a Chef Run Kitchen

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The upscale restaurant and first-run movie theatre has seven screens and a chef-run kitchen offering creative American Bistro cuisine such as New York Strip Steak, Pan Seared Atlantic Salmon, Shrimp Mac and Cheese and much more.

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Red Box and Netflix may offer current movies but they can’t compete with CinéBistro full service, in-theatre dining with reserved electric reclining seating.

The interior of the 35,000 square-foot Cobbs Theater space is located in Sarasota’s Westfield Southgate shopping center.  It will include a bar and lounge where patrons can enjoy a more formal dining experience or have a drink from the full bar. Visitors don’t have to purchase a movie ticket to enjoy the food or cocktails.

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“We know anticipation has been building for our grand opening for quite a while now,” said Fred Meyers, Vice President of CineBistro. “We wanted to get every detail perfect for our guest and are beyond excited that we are now able to open our doors and introduce our concept to the greater Sarasota area.”

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Luxury comes with rules and regulations! Anyone under the age of 21 are welcome to shows beginning at 6pm and earlier if accompanied by a parent or guardian, otherwise, the theatre only allow those over 21 after 6pm.

The idea isn’t new it’s been around but the food was more or less bar grub cooked by puberty teens, in deep fryers and on greasy flat top grills and the movies may or may not have always been premiers and new releases.

Movie Going Hit a 20-Year Low in 2014!

When you factor in “safety concerns” and given the choice between seeing a major, well publicized studio release in a theater or in the comfort of your own home, the vast majority of moviegoers said, choose home.  It’s a controllable environment, and a more comfortable one and it’s cheaper.

What If They Turn A Movie Theater Into An Exciting and Different Experience?

Say you want to enjoy an evening with that special someone, you want it to be more than a typical movie date night.

You don’t want to have dinner at a casual restaurant chain where there’s a good chance your food started off pre-cooked, frozen, and then microwaved on to a plate.

How about saving yourself one night and your loved ones from that fake buttered popcorn, milk duds and twizzlers?

How does enjoying a chef prepared meal, then relaxing in a luxury recliner, watching a major movie ALL in one place BUT wait there’s more no kids, no teens it’s a 21 and older environment after 6 pm?

I think it’s a great idea bringing two of the most favorite American past times into an upscale and entertaining atmosphere.

People love being entertained and dined. Today more than ever people are looking for something different from the norm and CineBistro is that kind of something.

My only complaint, I wish there was one where I lived!

Talk about a restaurant THEME that has appeal and then add Hollywood into the mix, I believe it could be a resurgence of getting people back to movie theaters and bringing date night to whole new level.

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