This Kilmer May Not Be A Cape Crusader But He’s A Restaurant Super Hero At The Age Of 61

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This Kilmer May Not Be A Cape Crusader, But He‘s A Restaurant Super Hero At The Age Of 61!

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At 61, it may not seem like the ideal time for Kilmer aka Meatman to start a restaurant business, but serving Southern-style barbecue is his passion.

It’s never too late to start a restaurant business!

“We thought this was the right time, and I took about two years to set it up,” said Kilmer about his location at 507 W. Commerce St., just east of Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital. Since the economic recession a few years back, barbecue has been the top growth area in restaurants, and carry-out is a major trend because of both the affordable cost, and the fact we all lead busy lives.” Craig Kilmer-Owner of The Meat Shop and Catering

Craig along with his wife Angela, daughter Kara and son Macaulay are running the family business.

The Meat Shop and Catering bring Southern-style barbecue to the area, it offers an array of barbecue, sandwiches, sides, and soups.


All meats are smoked, and food items are all prepared fresh from scratch on a daily basis. Their signature item brisket is made with no sugars, smoked with hickory and dry rubbed.

He’s made his travel time to work about a two-minute jaunt, 200 yards to be exact! His morning begins at 2 am to start cooking meat for the day. Being this close to work has its advantage. When most of us are still in bed, this 61-year-old restaurant superhero is revving up the smoker and getting grub ready for his customers!

smoked meat from the meat shop

After years of working in the food industry and cooking meals for friends and family for special celebrations, he’s decided to give it a go for himself.

I do believe he’s a superhero!

With the help of his daughter Kara aka superhero sidekick who lives in Chicago, The Meat Shop has picked up a strong following on social media. As a marketing professional, Kara has also designed the website at More than 700 email addresses have been gathered from current or future customers.

His wife Angela aka Rib-in, is an accountant, who helps manage the books and son Macaulay next Meatman perhaps works the front counter.

Since opening this past December, the response has been fantastic.


The Meat Shop began serving meals during the lunch hour starting at 11:30 a.m. and it stays open until eight p.m. or until all the food for the day is gone. “We’ve probably sold out of our food 60 to 70 percent of the time,” Kilmer said.
The future is looking pretty darn good! He may be approaching retirement age, but his mind and body appears to be that of a 30-year-old entrepreneur who already is planning the second floor of his location to house a full-time catering business. He even anticipates having a food truck in 2016 to handle many of the large group orders and events he has already secured.

No stopping this superhero and his band of family food avengers.

“It has been great to build this business with my family,” said Kilmer

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