2Toots Train Whistle Grill Delivers Food to Your Table By Rail!

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train at 2toots

Once again a fast casual theme gets my attention and brings me much pleasure to share.

2Toots Train Whistle Grill Delivers Food to Your Table By Rail!

That’s right food is delivered by a toy train that weaves through the restaurant, and makes a STOP at your table!

2toots trains deliver food to  your table

Not just any kind of food makes a STOP at your table.

The 2Toots is the ONLY Train Themed, Family Friendly, Fast Casual restaurant that’s menu contains some healthy food options like grass-fed beef (hamburgers, hot dogs, and chili), gluten-free buns, and organic milk.

burger from 2toots whistle grill

2toots whistle stop grill menu

Absolutely NO preservatives are used. All of our hot dogs and hamburgers are made from 100% grass-fed, prairie raised, humanely handled cattle from Bill Kurtis’ (nationally known journalist, CBS news Chicago, rancher, conservationist and businessman) Tallgrass Beef Company.

Our Tallgrass Beef Hamburgers and  Hot Dogs are made with the finest ingredients:

  • 100% Grass-Fed Beef
  • All natural seasonings and spices
  • No nitrites or nitrates
  • No artificial colors or preservatives
  • Gluten free. Our Hot Dogs are lower in fat than regular hot dogs and have all the great health benefits of Grass-Fed Beef!

The Story- 2toots whistle  grill logo

Long time business partners and restaurateurs Dale Eisenberg and Mike Ventre were fed up with today’s overabundance of technology geared at kids and decided to create a fun train-focused place. They grew up part of a generation that played with toy trains and wanted to turn a new generation on and connect them with their heritage in  hopes they could develop treasured memories of their own.

The restaurant tries to stay faithful to that history by featuring Lionel Model Trains, the classic line that surrounded so many Christmas trees in the 1950s.

train around a christmas tree

After years of success owning and operating Original Pancake House © franchises in Illinois and Ohio, Eisenberg reopened a nostalgic train restaurant built in 1950 (located in Chicago’s northern suburbs) that had been shuttered.

After getting that restaurant back “on track,” Eisenberg and Ventre decided to create their own special place for families to enjoy a tasty meal delivered on toy trains.

In May 2006, Eisenberg and Ventre leveraged their 45 years combined experience in the restaurant world and ongoing love of toy trains to introduce the 2Toots Train Whistle Grill® concept to diners. Their first location opened in Downers Grove, Illinois to much media fanfare and diner enthusiasm.

After six successful years at that original location, the Downers Grove store was relocated to a larger facility in nearby Glen Ellyn, Ill. to better accommodate their constantly growing customer base.


2Toots was one of 10 finalists for USA Today’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

2Toots is in the early stage of franchising. Their monthly royalties are low and very fair at 5 percent with no regional or national monthly requirements. The family-friendly concept created by Dale Eisenberg and Mike Ventre — two owner-operators with 80 combined years of experience in restaurant franchising –make it that much more of an opportunity to be successful..The franchise also has a multi-generational customer base comprised of grandparents, parents, and kids.

whistle grill salutes veterans

2Toots wants to become the first predominantly veteran owner-operator franchise in the U.S.

For more information click here.

Veteran Franchisees from 2toots whistle stop grill

The ONLY Train Themed, Family Friendly, Fast Casual restaurant group which uses only 100% grass-fed, prairie raised, natural, Angus beef exclusively for our preservative free Hot Dogs, nationally famous Hamburgers and homemade Chili!




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